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Tim's Take: Social media and Lent

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Some people couldn't give up the internet for love or money.

So how about for God?

"We've asked our congregation this year for Lent,'' said Pastor William Curtis of Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Stafford, Va., "to give up social media for three full days.''

Pastor Curtis must be looking for a little company in his confessional. Why else would he suggest a sacrifice that so few of his congregants would have any chance of completing, if they had any interest in even trying?

"I use Facebook and use it daily,'' said Megan Fletcher, of East Liberty, Va., "It's been good for me personally and professionally.''

"I feel,'' added Maddie MacMurdo, of Shadyside, Va., "like I might be missing out with connections with my friends during that time.''

Yes, who could deprive himself of the critical tweeted information that Justin Bieber entered the final year of his teens today. Or the latest ramblings from the Twitter site Grumpy Kitty.

Such are the challenges for Christians during the Lenton season, when we give up something ostensibly to relate to Jesus' 40-day fast, but  more likely just to create more opportunity for guilt.

It's often chocolate or coffee something else that we don't really need and shouldn't really miss.

But Facebook and Twitter and other forms of procrastination masquerading as conversation? Pastor Curtis knows not what he does when he asks people to give up that.

Or maybe he does.

"It will be hard for me because I practically live on twitter,'' he said. "I don't think that I will be personally policing, but let's say that I may go on and just see.''

And when he does, he may just see a lot of other people who've been led into temptation because they could not deliver themselves from Facebook.

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