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Editorial - 3/04/13

The earth shuddered, but continues to rotate, though more slowly, due to  federal cut-backs.  Cuts purposely and politically aimed at maximum damage, when others, far less hurtful and discouraging, remain abundant.  Furloughs and departures will directly impact many fine people who reside in our midst.  When the full impact rightly-rests with the immune-elites, pompously-roosting in our obese-D.C.-protectorate, the Isle of Waste.   Instead, we're now subjected to politically-driven cuts intended, purposely, to punish and inconvenience, perhaps even, harm Americans, so the ruling aristocracy can smirk and prove, once again, who's in charge of your life (hint: increasingly, it's not you).  Among other lunacy, and with disturbing irony, it was Homeland Security that decided to jump-the-gun, by releasing detained, illegal-immigrants, due, said they, to the possible budget cuts. The number released now totals over 2,000, with releases to-date in four states, including Georgia!  Folks, these illegals weren't jailed for singing hymns too loudly in church. They were apprehended for wrong-doing, likely meriting deportation.  But the Homelanders did give us some good news.  Those thousands released have all promised to show up for their next court hearing.  Yes, and it was an obscure video that caused the murder of U.S. citizens in Benghazi.   

We seem to be a nation out of control, run not for the well-being of the greater citizenry, but purely for the self-gain-politics and dependence-agenda of the left. Determined to turn the America we've known into something we won't.  The harsh-reality is that these current, meant-to-be-punitive cuts are a drop in the bucket compared to the larger ones demanded by our enormous national debt and future solvency. Meaning mandatory restructuring and fiscal-reductions, to include endangered-species, we can no longer afford to protect: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  More next time……


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