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Editorial - 3/7/13

The bulk of the phony, but all-too-real, sequestration cuts, have fallen, purposely, on our military, the second, major, multi-year funding hit within a year, now approaching a total of one-trillion-dollars.  Intended originally to force the Republicans to accept still more taxation, the life-blood of the left, the latter was quite surprised when the politics-over-nation sequester-damage actually took effect.  Now our military branches find themselves sitting squarely over a massive sink-hole, the Administration's shovel-ready answer to decreasing the power and reputation of our military, and in the process, eroding our nation's defense.

Said the Army's Chief of Staff, General Ray Odierno, in recent testimony to the Congressional Armed Services Committees:  "It is incomprehensible to me that we will put the burden of sequestration on the shoulders of those who have sacrificed so much… It places in jeopardy the Army's ability to achieve readiness…the ability to (actually) meet combat commander requirements."   Concerns that impact all of our military branches.  Deep cuts in equipment repair and maintenance, in skilled workers, and in training, including critical aviator flight-time, and in purchases from military suppliers, jeopardizing their future financial health. The Navy will be forced to keep carrier-strike groups in port, with deployment response-time significantly increased.

This is serious business, and nothing about it is for the good of our nation.  In general, it's all about imposing maximum punishment on maximum numbers of Americans to satisfy a selfish Administrative agenda, forgetting, as they have, that those in D.C. work for us.  May we all hope that these self-centered political games don't end up significantly hurting our nation, through carelessly depleting our defense and security capabilities.


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