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Your Week in Viral Videos: 'Harlem Shake' the night away

(RNN) – In honor of the viral sensation that will not die – yet – Your Week in Viral Videos presents a tribute to the most entertaining Harlem Shake videos on the web.

Wait! For those of you who hate this "dance craze" with a passion, an alternate version of YWVV with non-shake-related videos can be found here.

For the rest of you who think that dressing in ridiculous costumes (or next to nothing) and dancing like you're having a seizure while club music blares is a cool thing, well, here you go.

By the way, the sound at the end of the videos is not of someone unleashing an enormous belch. It's a sample of a lion roaring. Now you know.

KSLA version

What do you get when well-dressed professionals forget themselves for a minute and act like total yahoos?

You get this:

Army version

It looks cold where these guys are, and obviously, running drills all the time can get boring.

So to keep warm, why not dance like maniacs?

Miami Heat version

If you are giving the Miami Heat the New York Yankees treatment and hating on them just because they're successful, well, too bad for you.

This video is awesome, and we can't even be mad with them for cheating and almost doubling the usual 30 seconds.

Home appliance version

This, hands down, is the most creative and one of the most entertaining of all the Harlem Shake videos out there.

Extra points for destroying that old washing machine so kids won't get hurt playing inside it. You could have just removed the door, but whatevs.

"Timberwolves" version

Pay attention carefully, children. Violence is bad. Very bad.

And violence that stops people from perpetuating a ridiculous viral sensation is, ummm, bad?

Manchester City version

More professional athletes dancing around like nutty people.

For those of you who say they don't earn their salaries, here you go.

Family version

Why didn't more people think of this? If families did more ridiculous things together, the world could be so much better.

Kids dancing on top of refrigerators? No child endangerment here at all.

UGA swim team version

This was super creative, and we're guessing a tad bit dangerous, too.

But college athletes are trained semi-professionals, so no sweat.

Anti-Harlem Shake version

This is the one that tops them all. It's not that we hate this awful trend (apologies if you somehow got that impression), it's just that people should know when things need to come to an end.

Thank you, good sir, for knocking the world back into sanity – at least until the next annoying, transient fad comes along.


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