Missing Boater Search Called Off

Marine Patrol crews and the Coast Guard called off their search for two missing boaters. Crews combed the waters near Lazaretto Creek all day yesterday, looking for any sign of 20-year-old Matthew Cason and 17-year-old Daniel Friese. The two boys were on the boat last night when it smashed into a shrimp boat. The impact threw them out and into the ocean.

Now the mission is changing from rescue to recovery. "That's based on the amount of time, the type of accident and the injuries that type of accident would have caused the subjects to sustain," said Sgt. Pete Leopold of Savannah-Chatham Marine Patrol.

Twenty-four-year Chad Cason and 17-year-old Joseph Alexander, Jr., suffered minor injuries. Police are charging Cason with boating under the influence and reckless driving. More charges are pending.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti, mruberti@wtoc.com