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Effingham County man found safe in Savannah


A 66-year-old Effingham County man was found safe Thursday afternoon in Savannah after wondering off from his home.

John Moore's daughter Tina Seckinger told WTOC around 4 a.m., one of her aunts woke up and noticed Moore was missing. He left on foot, taking nothing with him, but was later spotted taking money out of a Bank of America ATM in Rincon. Moore called home about 12 hours later from the Chatham County Courthouse in Savannah, saying he was trying to "save our country."

Seckinger said Moore is a Vietnam veteran, and she believes something he saw on the news might have triggered him. She also said her family is already making preparations to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"They've already put us in contact with someone for Alzheimer's, so I'll guess we'll look at that, and we'll look at seeing maybe about keeping the house a little bit more safe for him where people will know if he's coming or going."

David Ehsanipoor, with the Effingham County Sheriff's Office, said incidents like this can be prevented thanks to a program called Project Lifesaver.

"If you have a family member you believe is at a risk for wandering away, or has a medical condition like that, you can get a bracelet and you can put it on that person and if they do go missing we can automatically track exactly where they are."

If you would like more information on the program, call (912) 754-3449.

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