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Editorial - 3/11/13

Although Members of Congress offered the Administration greater flexibility in the sequestration cuts, such was declined in favor of maximum penalties.  No sense being a strong and powerful country, when it's more progressively-trendy to be neither. So instead of targeting workers, and our nation's defense-readiness, let's do the unthinkable, act intelligently, by cutting, instead, our rampant D.C.waste. For starters, stop the fancy government conferences and get-aways.  Then, clear out all of those czars and staffs, or send the Cabinet members packing. We can't afford, both.  Stop sending pandering foreign-aid to regimes that like us only for our money.  And stop losing millions of tax-payer dollars by underwriting crony-donor, "green" energy pipe-dreams.  If ideas for "renewables" are financially-sound, private dollars will find, and fund them.    

While the elites have been wringing their hands over expense cuts, totaling, says the CBO, about $44-billion for the rest of the Fed fiscal-year, it's reported that, last month alone, the Feds actually added $253-billion to our already-staggering national debt.  All that hype over impending-doom, while behind the façade, the nation's borrowing-lust tacked on another quarter-of-a-billion dollars.  We've got to stop the out-of-control spending in all the wrong places.  Add to that the very real need to reform and restructure America's so-called "entitlements." This recent parade of deliberate scare-tactics, dishonesty, and public punishment is political bovine-squeeze. In a presumably sound and sane country, the game of acting-out, we call "charades," belongs in the nation's family-rooms, not in our governance.

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