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Editorial Salute - 3/14/13

As reported by Army Times this week, a soldier residing in a Huntsville, Alabama condo complex, has been instructed to remove the American flag he had proudly posted outside his residence.  Once again, we have condo rules running smack into our nation's glorious banner.  It's one thing for homeowners associations and apartment management policies to disallow the exterior hanging of miscellaneous flags, posters, and assorted other stuff, for the sake of uniformity and preservation of property values.  That's totally understandable.  But totally unacceptable is the prohibition of displaying America's flag. 

Thankfully, the Staff Sergeant in question, posted the association's removal notice on several veteran's sites.  In short order, that particular property manager's office was flooded with protests.  And once it hit the local media,  some Huntsville citizens reportedly arrived with American flags for a show-of-support outside the Staff Sergeant's home.  At last report, the condo association was now reviewing its policies with the likelihood that the display of our flag will be permitted going forward.

Our thanks to that great soldier for standing strong, and to those whose support made all the difference in, we assume, now turning a wrong back into a patriotic right.  As we've said before, if there is anyone in this country, citizen, legal resident, or visitor, who is offended by the sight of America's flag, representing the blood and sacrifice of those who've fought to preserve our precious, God-granted freedom, then those individuals need to return to their port of entry and be-gone.  Only those who genuinely love our nation, deserve to remain within it.

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