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Woman involved in accident searches for good Samaritan


A woman is searching for the man that rescued her after a dangerous accident left her wounded and stranded on the side of the road.

Elizabeth Jackson was on her way to work when she lost control of her truck on Longbridge road in Springfield.

"I went to sit my drink beside me and I felt I was going of the right side of the road a little but, so I jerked the wheel too hard lost control and it went off the other side off the ravine," said Jackson.

Jackson was ejected from the truck. Once she gained consciousness, she realized her legs were hurt.

"The next thing I really remember, I needed to get up the raven to the side of the road so someone would see me," said Jackson. "A couple cars passed me and I saw some break lights but then they decided to go on."

Freezing and injured Jackson feared she the worst, but then a good samaritan stopped to help.

"A motorcycle saw me and put his coat on me and he said he was calling for help and I never seen him again. I realized I still have his coat," said Jackson.

Jackson says she hopes to find the man that braved the cold and saved her life.

Jackson is sore but has no major injuries.

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