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Sleepy teens turn off their electronics

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One group of people is struggling with getting enough rest.

"Oh people are so tired during the day and teenagers especially sometimes really struggle."

Sleep deprived teens especially are in search of a quick solution.

"There are several reasons that teens hope to get on sleeping pills sometimes and it's really a mistake," said Dr. Carolyn Hart a Sleep Doctor Novant Health.

But Dr. Hart says before turning to medication, instead teens should make changes to their activities before bed.

"I would really recommend that everyone not just teens especially teens turn off their cell phones and their laptops before bed," said Dr. Hart.

She says electronics like laptops, and smart phones can act as stimulants and should be avoided.

"It's the light," said Dr. Hart.

"The light comes right through our eyes and goes right to the pineal gland in the base of the brain and it confuses our brains into thinking it is daylight."

The lack of sleep can take a toll on a young person.

"They're not going to do as well in school, they're not going to be as friendly and sociable as they would like to be, they're not going to be as patient with others, and they're not going to be as healthy either," said Dr. Hart.

She says instead of prescribing medication she suggests "you can read instead or you can listen to music."

That way you can avoid trouble shutting down at bed time.

Carolyn Hart says teenagers need nine hours of sleep not seven or eight like adults. 

If you do use your cell phone as your alarm clock and Hart recommends turning off media notifications during the night that way your sleep is not interrupted.

If you a sleeping problem does persist, Dr. Hart recommends you contact you doctor.

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