Storms' Impact on Tourism

As most of us are aware, Mother Nature is planning on ripping through our area over the next few days. So what does this do for tourism season? Most tourists we spoke to on Hilton Head Island today said they are aware of the threats, but aren't going to let in ruin their vacation.

Tourists travel from all over the world to vacation on Hilton Head and enjoy all it has to offer. "We come here for the beach, the pools, and bike rides and a lot of outdoor activities," said visitor Jody Zappin. "I'm hoping we'll miss the storm cause otherwise it will affect our vacation."

Although the weather could put a damper on outdoor activities, many tourists say there are plenty of other things to do on the island. In any case, most vacationers, like the Bob White and his family, say they won't let the weather ruin their vacation. "We're having a good time no matter what as far as the weather is concerned," he told.

But that isn't to say visitors aren't concerned. "We looked at it this morning and we saw what was in store and we're just keeping an eye on it," said visitor Joe Dipietro.

"We are starting to get calls from people asking about the storms, cancellation policies," said Bob Pfeffer with the Marriot Resort.

However, Mother Nature doesn't seem to be deterring visitors to the area. "We don't get concerned until visitors get concerned," said Charlie Clark with the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce. "So far we haven't had too much response. We're expecting rain and I think our visitors are expecting the same."

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,