Merchants Fighting Back

Late tuesday night, two men came into the Wings and Things Restaurant near savannah state university and grabbed the cash register and took off.   This time the owner fought back and opened fire on the masked men.  They dropped the register running for cover.

A robbery that hits close to home for Mildred Hill who runs Teeple's Seafood Restaurant which is just a few blocks away.

"If someone is brazen enough to walk in there and rob them, then why not here?" wonders Hill.

It's business as usual for Mildred and her employees. They heard the news about their neighbor and fear criminals may be looking for a new target.

"I doubt very seriously anyone will go back there knowing they have a gun," Hill added.

Authorities say there is a fine line between taking the law into your own hands and being passive.  They won't give advice, but workers at Teeple's say they know what they would do if faced with the same scenario.

(nell) (24:25 - 24:30)

"I don't think i ever shot a gun...but if i had one i would," says Nell Teeple.

"First, i'll call on jesus," adds Cynthia Patterson of Teeples.  "Then i'll do what it takes to stay alive."

"I would try and accost them and maybe hit them in the head with a frying pan," chuckles Mildred.

She hopes her staff won't have to face the reality of crime, but feels drastic times just might call for drastic measures.

"I just don't think we'll stop this until some have the guts to take up arms against them."

Reported by Don Logana,