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The numbers behind St. Patrick's Day in Savannah

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Last year, the city of Savannah threw an epic St. Patrick's Day bash. The Parade Committee estimated there were 1.2 million visitors over the three-day festival.

That's one big number, but a lot of little numbers go into pulling off the party.

World of Beer General Manager Jimmy Powell estimates his Broughton Street bar has spent about $25,000 on beer.

"I think we figured up the weight and it was well over about 15 tons of beer that we have right now."

That's a lot of suds, but they'll need it to quench the thirsty crowds. The latest count for St. Patrick's Day parade floats is 317, about 50 floats fewer than last year. Organizers say they're being more choosey -- looking for quality over quantity. Still, about 9,500 people will march Saturday.

City of Savannah officials say they're ready.

"Essentially, planning for this year's St. Patrick's Day began after last year's St. Patrick's day was over," city spokesman Bret Bell said.

Last year, 627 city workers pitched in for the festival. They worked 12,400 hours and brought home $214,000 in overtime pay.

Some jobs are easier than others. For the past 20 years, Grayling McCombs has been on the front lines of party cleanup.

He shrugs off the weighty task.

"Everybody says it's not a whole lot to pick up trash -- this that and the other."

Not a lot? Weigh this number -- 224.31 tons. That's how much garbage city workers picked up during the 2012 St. Patrick's Day festival. They're expecting the same trash haul this year.

If they get tired, no worry. Red Bull can always give them wings. A Red Bull delivery man told a reporter Friday that he's dropped off 1,500 cases of the energy drink this week. And that's just in convenience stores, just in downtown convenience stores.

Back at World of Beer, Powell is going on two hours of sleep. He's been napping in the bar's basement and hasn't left in 39 hours. He's ordered 15,000 plastic cups. He won't go home till 6 a.m. -- Sunday.

"Do you feel like you're ready?" WTOC asked him Friday.

"If we're not, it's too late."

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