Shoppers Stock Up for Storms

With two tropical systems headed for the Coastal Empire and Low Country, people are stocking up on supplies. Many say even if we don't feel the brunt of the storms, they want to be ready.

Water is disappearing off the shelves at stores like the Super WalMart in Pooler. It is a clear sign that shoppers, like Geri Saxon, plan to be prepared.

"I'm buying some water and batteries and some non-perishable items and charcoal," explains Saxon. "I'm getting ready for any kind of weather we get."

Forecasters expect both Bonnie and Charley to lose steam once they move inland, but with high winds, power outages are likely.

Leo Malphus and his wife, Diane, are making sure they have what they need now. "We're here to prepare," he says. "Get water and some canned goods, pick up things for the pets, in case it does come this way. We're still watching in anticipation."

"I'm picking up some water, peanut butter and jelly and things like that," says Gail Bauer, while shopping with her two young grandchildren. "We need things we can use, in case we have no power. I'm getting some batteries and also something to keep the kids busy."

Kelli Williams already has everything she needs, so she's bypassing the lanterns and flashlights, but she feels Bonnie and Charley are good reminders to keep a few additional items on hand.

"I'm just getting extra water," Williams says, "We already have batteries at the house. I'm not too worried about the storm. It's probably just extra rain, which we need anyway."

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Reported by: Liz Flynn,