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Editorial - 3/18/13

The Administration's mind-set, to-date, sparks an analogy.  Assume their elevators are all stuck at the top floor.  Rather than logically making cost-prudent repairs to restore downward operation, since money's no object, their illogical-solution is simply to add more floors. Such proctological-thinking  can be found in the White House-guided, Senate Democrat budget, which proposes significantly-increased spending over the next decade, along with  raising taxes by $1.5-trillion, on top of the billions of new taxes decreed in January, allegedly so the nation didn't careen over that "fiscal cliff," which you'll recall was the last big, political scare before the hyped "sequester" crisis, for those playing our fantasy game at home. Conversely, the House Republican budget projects spending cuts greater than the Senate, over the same 10-years, and with no tax hikes beyond sequestration. The House promises to balance the budget by 2023.  The Senate does not, since that form of "balance" is kryptonite to lefties.  Nothing beats the fun of repeatedly spending far more money than you have.

Regrettably, both parties are still wearing blinders when it comes to our unsustainable-deficits, tacked on annually to our staggering national-debt.  Kudos to the House for proposing to out-cut the Senate. But it's not nearly enough.  We've got to stop the yearly spending increases, and impose serious expense cuts now.  Major reductions that'll head us toward budget-balance and debt-reduction, well before 2023.  Reinforcing common sense, a recent Harvard-based study concluded that strong economic-growth results best, when major spending cuts are combined with little or no tax increases.  As our economy treads rising water, the only things really thriving in America are dependence and debt. Both are bad. Both must be reduced.    

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