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Is tamer better?

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Is more merrier? Or has Savannah had enough of massive St. Patrick's Day crowds for a while?

It was another big one for the 189th parade Saturday, people over the Historic District. But back-to-back Saturday parades seem to have gotten some people's attention.

The bigger crowds on Saturday create challenges for parking, finding a place along the parade route to place chairs and also moving around the parade route can be more difficult.

St. Patrick's Day doesn't fall on a Saturday again until 2018, so local folks will have the next five years to enjoy a tamer parade, if that's what they want.

"I think it will be good,'' Savannah's Steve Willis said of the parade moving to Monday next year. "It will probably encourage local people to come out more. I think you could probably get fewer people overall, but maybe that wouldn't be an altogether bad thing.''

"Well, the kids will be happy because they'll be out of school,'' added Megan Miller, also of Savannah. "They weren't too happy because they had to go to school today.''

Because of a leap year in 2016, it will be 2021 until there is another Wednesday parade, which people seem to agree are the tamest and in some ways most local.

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