Beaufort County Buckles Down

Of course emergency crews all over our viewing area are keeping close tabs on the storms.

In the low country, Beaufort County's getting together with other counties to come up with a plan.

Beaufort County Emergency Management's been tracking both storms for a while, and they're not being caught off guard.

Should these storms dump a lot of rain on Beaufort County, emergency crews don't have any specific trouble spots they're preparing for unless you're talking about the whole county.

"We don't call this area the low-country for nothing," explains Emergency Management Director William Winn. "And when you get into a lot of rain; three to five inches and gusty winds putting debris in ditches, you can start having problems there."

For emergency management officials, communication is key. They're keeping in constant contact with the state as well as every municipality in Beaufort County.

Winn says they'll, "Talk with the state and other counties about what needs to be done, what scenarios we need to follow and then start making sure today that we have all the resources that may be needed in the Beaufort area tomorrow or Saturday."

Winn says they need to be prepared because these might not seem like typical storms that slam into Beaufort County from the Atlantic, but they'll still be strong.

"We're already seeing some tornado watches and tornado warnings which is the type of event we expect with these storms coming out of the gulf," he says. "Matter of fact, some of the major damage in Beaufort County has occurred with this type of activity from tornados."

As of right now Beaufort County hasn't asked for any voluntary evacuations, but they're telling people in Fripp, Harbour and Hunting Islands to be ready for that order which could come as soon as Friday morning.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,