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Group paints 'rainbow house' next to Westboro Baptist Church

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Imagine buying a house just to make a statement to the community.

That is exactly what Aaron Jackson said he did.

He purchased a house across from the Westboro Baptist Church and painted it all the colors of the rainbow.

Residents in Jackson's community claim members of Westboro Baptist Church hate homosexuality.

When Jackson saw the property for sale, he didn't hesitate.

"I'm going to buy that home, and I'm going to paint it the color of the pride flag," said Jackson.

Jackson isn't gay himself, he just feels equality is important.

"I'm a straight ally, as one would say," Jackson told CNN Heroes.

The Westboro Baptist Church sent a response to CNN:

"We thank god for the sodomite rainbow house! it is right across the street from the only church that loves people enough to tell them the Bible truth about the filthy, soul-damning, nation-destroying sin of sodomy. The sodomite rainbow house helps shine a bright spotlight on this!"

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