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Savannah Flights Cancelled All Morning

The signs of Hurricane Charley flashed all over the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport in the form of big red CANCELLED indications. This morning travelers like Judy Fenzel arrived to find although Charley didn't hit the coastal empire, travel plans were hit hard, "I need to go home to Milwaukee, I have four daughters who live there, so I'd like to get home."

Most airlines cancelled early morning flights. The hardest hit was Delta which cancelled all flights until 3:15p.m. leaving travelers like Fenzel, stranded until tomorrow, "It's not the worst thing in the world but I do have four daughters that are singing tomorrow and I want to see them perform"

So like many other people, Fenzel did the next best thing, "I am renting a car and driving the 269 miles to Atlanta and then I'll get a flight there."

People all over the airport compared war stories, tried to rebook flights and find a way home or find a way to pass time. Some just went to other airlines who were flying out and split up their parties. Chris Iero from Akron said, sometimes you have to put your kids first, "We were traveling with three different people, three different destinations so the one person we were able to get out on Continental and leave at noon to get back to Newark and make it on time."

As the day went on the flights became more frequent. The airport says it is a good idea to call your airline and double check your flight over the next day or two.

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