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Parents work with city on solving school crossing safety issue


Safety issues have been driving parents crazy near a Savannah elementary school.

Speeding in the morning and in the afternoon when students go to and leave Jacob G. Smith Elementary School's north end have them thinking more stop signs are the answer.

Parents brought it to WTOC's attention. The main issue at 60th and Battey Streets. 

60th between Battey and Habersham is closed at the moment because of road construction but when it's open, parents say kids in the school crosswalks are in serious danger because cars speed through. They say a four-way stop is in order, but even further down 60th Street, parents who live there say the wider road makes the speeding even worse. 

"I have a daughter who is 8 years old and since we have been here I have not let her play in the front yard just because there are cars constantly flying down our street," Erica Pollak told WTOC. 

PTA presidents, principals, parents have all complained to the city about the speeding and safety issues and have asked for a stop sign  or two be installed at Battey and 60th, where two stop signs already are in place. This would make it a 4way stop.

The concerns have been heard by the city, whose traffic engineering departments and citizen's office are now working on a plan with the schools and parent-teacher teams, but it will involve something they call traffic calming, rather than traffic control like a stop sign.

"No, a four way stop sign is not the best solution for that intersection," Heather Fish, Savannah Citizen's Office, told WTOC. "Traffic calming says you can be on this road but you have to be at a safe speed. You have to take notice of the obstacles so you can be aware of what is happening around you."

The city is urging the school to work with students and parents on pedestrian education and safer driving. Also, having a crossing guard out at the crosswalks when children are coming and going is being encouraged and already is starting to happen. 

Neighbors and parents are invited to a meeting Thursday night at Jacob G. Elementary School at 5:30 p.m. to discuss safety solutions for the speeding issue.

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