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Beaufort federal employees protest furloughs


Dozens of federal government employees are picketing across the country, protesting the sequester, the automatic Federal budget cuts that began taking effect March 1.

Federal employees from the three military bases in Beaufort and teachers have been out since 2 p.m. Wednesday protesting rumors of pay cuts and furlough days.

The Department of Defense employees and others are protesting the expected $85.4 billion in federal budget cuts. The local federal employees are trying to bring awareness to the impact of the sequestration on everyday Americans and the local economy. Organizers say they are hearing they will have to take 22 furlough days until the end of the fiscal year. They say that amounts to about a 20 percent pay cut in their salaries.

"It is going to have a major impact," said Parris Island Maintenance Supervisor Robert Cannon. "We have to make decisions with what you are going to do with your lifestyle whether you are going to put the extra gas in your care or you are going to buy groceries.

Nationally, more than 1 million Federal workers will face unpaid furloughs between now and September, according to the National Federation of Government employees.

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