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Reaction mixed on proposed gun laws in South Carolina


South Carolina lawmakers are looking at two bills that would drastically change the state's gun laws, and some gun supporters are against them.

The first, Senate Bill 308, would allow gun owners to literally walk into a public place carrying a gun. The other bill, which is called the Constitutional Carry Law, would make it so gun owners would no longer have to register their guns with the state.

One would think these two bills would make second amendment supporters happy but they're not.

"I am totally against it what-so-ever," said Ralph Shell.

"No, I wouldn't want to be here in a place that's so free with guns," said Mary Devitt.

"What are they thinking?" asked Deborah Johnson.

Senator Tom Davis says he understands why some people are nervous about these bills, but he says folks have a right to bear arms.

"I think the second amendment is a very important right. And I  think that the reason why it is in the Bill of Rights is because our founders wanted to make sure that the American citizens always had the right and always had the authority to bear arms and fight back against tyranny or any failed government," said Davis.

According to Davis, the Constitutional Carry Law was modeled after Vermont's gun laws.

Ed Soto, the owner of Palmetto Indoor Gun Range in Hardeeville, says he's not for or against the two bills, but he doesn't agree with those who say more crime will be created because of them.

"I don't see how this will increase crime or decrease crime in anyway shape or form. If your intention is to do something wrong whether you got a permit to do it or not you're still going to do something wrong," he said.

Senate Bill 308 is currently being debated. They are expected to vote on it next month.

The Constitutional Carry Bill was just approved by a Senate sub committee. Davis says it will be two months before the bill makes it to the full senate for debates.

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