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Editorial - 3/25/13

Our federal debt is fast-approaching 17-trillion-dollars, after four-years straight of trillion-dollar deficits, heading, now, for a 5th.  Predictions call for a national debt of 20-trillion or more, before the end of the decade.  This is insane-asylum math.  We're on a spending binge that fails all sobriety tests.  One that weakens our stature, as seen, last week, in the local population's cadaver-temperature reaction to our Middle East foray, generating little more than additional mega-expense for America's tax-payers.  Meanwhile, the Weekly Standard reports that, last month, during his  overseas trip, Mr. Biden and his entourage racked up over one-million-dollars in total hotel fees, in Paris and London, each for a one-night stay.  Now word that yet another, can't miss, renewable energy company, this one in China, is now bankrupt, defaulting on a half-billion-dollar U.S. loan.  And speaking of flawed judgment, the feds have just given our Pakistani-pals 37-million dollars for education, while at home, cutting tuition-assistance for military members.  Spending-extravagance continues unabated in D.C., that magical-land of all addition and no subtraction. Folks, we have a central government struck by chronic  "do as I say, not as I do" syndrome.  Smoke-and-mirrors sequester cuts, selected for maximum pain, while our self-serving royalty, continues to spend their butts off, squandering your dollars & gambling with our future.

Our growing debt-load sentences your kids, and theirs, to ever-higher tax burdens, denying them the lifestyle you'd envisioned, let alone even replicating yours.  This callous, spine-draught, spending-binge is political-lunacy, pure electioneering-charade, rather than the prudent, responsible leadership needed to bring our increasingly fragile-nation back from the brink.  Said someone wisely: "It's too bad stupidity isn't painful."  Actually, it is.  To all those smacked by the results. 

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