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Detective: Toddler was left home alone, locked in bathroom

Boles in court Boles in court

Horrific new details coming out in the death of a 3-year-old child in Hinesville in February. Her father, a Fort Stewart soldier, charged with murder and in court Monday. 

A shocking murder and child cruelty case becoming even more disturbing as a detective in the case took the witness stand in a hearing to decide if the case should go to a grand jury.

Detective James Snyder revealed sad and disturbing details about this little girl, Andrea Boles, who had just turned three years-old, and how she lived the last six to seven months of her life, including days left locked in her family's bathroom while her parents went to work and older sister went to school. 

Detective Snyder with Hinesville Police Department took the stand Monday afternoon and says, originally, Torres and Candace Boles claimed their daughter was taken to the bathroom to use the toilet and left there. The father left, and the mother found the little girl unresponsive.

However, after further interviews, Snyder told the courtroom Mr. Boles admitted the parents locked the toddler in a bathroom daily with just food, including cereal, and water in a sippy cup, while he was at work and her mother was either working or at school.

One night, he came home and found the bathroom floor flooded due to large amounts of toilet paper in the toilets and Snyder told the courtroom Boles punished his daughter for more than four hours using water and the bathtub.

"He had gotten upset and placed her in the bathtub and to punish her by seeing how substantial the clean up effort would be by watching him clean it up. He began to wring the towel out in the tub near where she was standing and she would slip and slide and during the slipping and sliding she would repeatedly hit her head off the bathtub and end of the bathtub," Detective Snyder said in court.

Andrea Boles head injuries were discussed in court, and it was stated hospital staff observed what they believed were signs of abuse.

However, while Snyder says Boles never admitted to striking his child, Snyder testified other actions may have contributed to the little girl's death. 

"He had never done anything specifically to assist her and he didn't hit her in the head or knock her down or anything like that but she would place her hands on the edge of the bathtub to try to climb out and he would knock her hands away which would cause her to fall and impact her head," Det. Snyder said.

After all of this, and signs of injury became obvious, Snyder says the Boles, both mother and father left the little girl in the bathroom tub.

"He said his wife came home, she sees the child. She sees him. They speak for a while. She eats and plays a computer game at his behest. She goes to bed. Later on he realizes he has to go to work early and goes to bed leaving Andrea in the bathtub over night. The next morning when he goes to check on her, he says the bruising and swelling was much more substantial but feels pity for her because she was in the wet pajamas she was in that previous night and changes her into dry pajamas," Snyder testified.

The toddler would die from those head injuries, according to court testimony.

WTOC spoke to neighbors where the Boles live, on Bannon Court in Hinesville, who were stunned by the new details, following the hearing on WTOC Facebook pages. One mother said she was under the impression the three year-old was going to day care, and was "blown-away" by the news the little girl was locked in the bathroom, in the home, by herself, daily.

Others called it disgusting, heartbreaking, sickening and gross.

The judge is sending the case to a grand jury. He said he heard enough for probable cause. The mother, Candace Boles, was denied bond earlier this month and is facing a child cruelty charge in this case. Their other young daughter remains in child protective services.

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