Report: Georgia gets C+ for government spending transparency

Report: Georgia gets C+ for government spending transparency

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The fourth annual report by the Georgia PIRG Education Fund ranks Georgia a C+ for the second-straight year when it comes to transparency with government spending.

The "Following the Money 2013" report includes Georgia and 47 other states. State officials provided study researchers with feedback on their initial evaluation of state transparency websites, according to a news release. States with the most comprehensive transparency websites are Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Oklahoma, according to the report.

Grades assign to states range from A to F. Georgia was described as an "emerging state," and the state's website provides searchable checkbook-level information on most types of state spending. But it does not include data on economic development tax credits nor does it list the possible and actual benefits of economic development subsidies, according to the news release.

All 50 states now provide at least some checkbook-level detail about individual government expenditures, the study found. In 48 states except California and Vermont – that information is now searchable.

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