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Family Finance: Watch out for bogus IRS letters


There are just a few weeks left before the April 15 tax deadline, and some experts say now is the time when scam artists prey on last-minute filers.

Tax attorney Jeffrey Williamson, of J. L. Williamson Law Group, LLC,  told WTOC one his client's employees got a letter in the mail that looked like a notice of a federal tax lien. This is the type of document the IRS would send if they were coming after a tax payer, but Williamson says the letter he saw probably came from a company looking to represent someone underwater. Another theory? The letter comes from someone trying to steal a taxpayer's identity.

Williamson said the letter looked extremely official, but the fine print didn't fool him. The wording said this product is "not affiliated with any government agency." Williamson said those words are a dead giveaway. The letter also gave a 1-800 number to call, and Williamson the IRS would post a number but it would be their national number.

"If you get a letter like this, contact your tax professional, your CPA, your tax attorney and have him review it before you respond."

WTOC called the number on the letter and was told they're a private company called National Tax, with offices in New York and Miami. The company name isn't listed anywhere on the letter, and there is no website with any information matching what's on the letter.

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