Editorial Salute - 3/28/13

When it comes to our military, what one hand of the government taketh away, another can conveniently restoreth.  As reported by Military.com, some, repeat some, of the shameful, March 1st, politically-motivated, death-watch, sequester cuts, purposely-designed to inflict maximum public pain, have now been restored.  And by the way, what government leadership is it that presumes to care about its citizens, yet purposely tries to scare the heck out of its own people with planned, phony, sky-is-falling predictions of doom ? The answer is one that puts political self-interest above the needs of the nation.

Now, back to the positive news.  Thanks to a Congressional continuing- resolution, billions of dollars have magically-appeared, and are being restored to the Defense Department's budget.  All it takes is getting serious about cutting rampant waste, or failing the stomach for that, simply borrowing or printing more currency.  Whatever the case, the Pentagon will be announcing that the previously-imposed furlough days for its civilian employees will be reduced from 22 to 14.  Rather than an April start, such will commence in mid-June.  Not a perfect solution for those impacted, but at least taking a third-of-the-sting away.  In addition, tuition assistance for our military members will be restored to its original level, reassuring news for the over 200,000 Army personnel, 7,000 Coast Guard members, and the tens-of-thousands of other branch members currently using their off-duty time for educational advancement.  Our thanks to Congress for somehow finding the funding needed for these restorations, easing the burden on our service members and partially on those civilians, while also showing what a shameful-scam the sequester-theatrics were from the very beginning.