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Editorial - 4/1/13

Here's another foolish act of political correctness, this one timely. You'll recall the First Amendment to our brilliant, ageless Constitution states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  Freedom of religion, not freedom from.  Nothing there about the church and state separation fable, that lib-judges have repeatedly used as a coat-hook for their robes, breeding years of flawed conclusions.  Those who've swallowed the kool-aid spout flames from their nether-parts, at the sight, sound, or symbol of the Jewish or Christian religions, should such ever be exhibited in public.  Unable to accept the fact that this nation was founded, by God's grace, on Judeo-Christian principles, as it remains today.

A PC-anointed elementary principal in Alabama actually told her teachers not to refer to those eggs the students would be hunting, as Easter eggs. The reason, here it comes, to "honor everyone's differences;" and "religious diversity."  So who is it, exactly, that we're offending with our treasured traditions, causing us to bow, repeatedly, to the angst of the intolerant one or two?  Yet another of the destructive "transformation" steps, leading the nation ever-closer to European-sibling status.  Those Easter eggs and bunnies, along with Santa and the Christmas tree, bringing joy to children, have no religious significance today. Sensing either doesn't make one a Christian, anymore than walking past a church does. While the thin-skinned are free to complain, we have the freedom to ignore.  A much preferred reaction, over our usual stance as groveling-invertebrates. For the disgruntled, sporting charred under-garments, ever-objecting to our historic will, try this: accept, assimilate, and participate.  Failing that, be quiet, or be gone.



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