DNR: Bald eagle nests surge in Ga.

DNR: Bald eagle nests surge in Ga.

FORSYTH, Ga. (WTOC) - Bald eagle populations are climbing in Georgia.

In Chatham County and other coastal counties, eagle nests are appearing more frequently in some coastal counties. The DNR documented 25 eagles nests in Chatham County.

According to preliminary results from Georgia Department of Natural Resources aerial surveys in January and March, there were 166 occupied nesting territories, 124 successful nests and 185 young fledged.

That's up from last year's 163 nesting territories and 121 successful nests, while dropping slightly from 199 eaglets fledged. In 2011, there were 144 territories, 113 nests and 178 eaglets, according to the DNR.

The survey showed counted 11 nests in McIntosh County and 10 in Liberty and 10 in Camden counties. This year, nests are showing up in new areas including Jasper and Carroll counties.

The number of young eagles statewide dropped but that the change not significant and fluctuations are expected, according to the DNR.

Bald eagles are no longer listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, but they are protected by federal and state law. For more details about the eagles nests survey, see the DNR website.

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