Man arrested in connection with tires piling up in yard

Man arrested in connection with tires piling up in yard

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - A man accused of having a pile of tires littering the front yard of a Pooler home has been arrested.

On Monday, the renter of the home James Niedzwiecki, 25, was arrested and charged with unlawful dumping. WTOC's Jamie Ertle first reported the story last week.

Pooler Police Chief Mark Revenew told WTOC on March 28 that he wants neighbors to know he is well aware of the eyesore.

"My main concern is that these tires get moved as soon as possible," he said.

He has been in contact with the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources. They are in charge of regulating who transports and collects scrap tires.

"Unfortunately, the only agent is in Atlanta and he doesn't anticipate being in this area any time soon, so we're going to handle the problem," Revenew said. "I sent my officers out there to mark them because I do not want these tires to end up on a dirt road or somewhere else."

Police had already cited the renter once before with a city ordinance violation. A judge gave him some time to clean up the tires. Then a new batch of tires arrived within the last three days.

Several neighbors we talked to said not only was it an eyesore, it's also a health concern. Standing water in tires can breed mosquitoes, snakes can crawl in there. One woman who's trying to sell her house on the block said  how can she sell her house when stuff like this is going on next door.

Revenew said he has contacted the district attorney's office and is looking into reports that the renter may have been collecting and ditching tires in other cities.

"They're very tightly regulated what can be done with them, and that's beyond the realm of a city, it's a state jurisdiction," he said.

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