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Officials say deed letter is inaccurate


Beaufort County officials say a letter being sent to homeowners telling them they have to pay $83 for a copy of their deed is inaccurate.

The letter is coming from a records company based out of Washington, D.C.

According to the county, it is not illegal for a company to charge people for a copy of their deed. They say it is a good idea for folks who own land to have a copy of their deed but they don't need it.

"It is not imperative that you have a copy of your deed because once you buy your home, once you buy your land, it becomes public record and it is in our records. You do not physically need it but you are given a copy of it shortly after you buy property," said Joy Nelson, Beaufort County.

Homeowners can buy a copy of their deed for $5 at the Beaufort County Government Building.

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