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Experts at the M. Reardon Center for Autism Reassure Affected Families

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Across the country people are showing their support for the nearly 1.5 million Americans that struggle with autism. A development disability that has many false labels.

Helen Waters, Executive Director of The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism in Savannah wants to clear the air on some of the misunderstandings autistic people face.

"I can name several. One, that they are automatically a behavioral issue that simply is not true. Two, that they are somehow mentally ill. Not true. And that their child can't be educated and their child can be educated."

Julie Bean is the mother of an autistic child. And was faced with all of these fears when her daughter was first diagnosed

"We grieved for our child, we felt like we had lost our child. We felt like there was no hope because we didn't know. You think of autism and you think of the worst case scenario."

Children do not outgrow autism but with strides being made in speech and occupational therapy it can be treated. Studies show that earlydetection is the key

"The earlier you have a diagnosis of that the earlier you can start getting them the therapeutic interventions and even the educational interventions that they may need." Said, Waters.

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