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12-foot gator causes concern in the Lowcountry


A 12-foot alligator in Port Royal's Cypress Wetlands has one councilwoman concerned, and she's calling for the town to take action before the gator attacks.

But not every is concerned.

"The alligators that are down there are not dangerous, they don't come out, and when they do come out, they sit on the bank on the other end and just sun," said Michelle Rolain, the owner of Mikkie's School House Diner.

Rolain said the town should wait until the gator does something before they acting.

"You know, right now they're not doing anything to anyone, so leave them alone," she said.

There are four gators in this marsh, and councilwoman Mary Hayward says she's concerned about all of them, especially the one that is 12-feet long. She thinks the boardwalk is too low and the gators could attack someone.

"I'm trying to do something to prevent the danger. I'm concerned that somebody is going to get hurt. This area is prone for the alligators to hurt people," said Hayward.

It's in a gators nature to snap at something if they feel threaten, and that is what worries Hayword.

"I just don't want to see any child or any adult hurt from a gator," she said.

Hayward doesn't want to kill the gators or take them from their natural habitat, but she wants something to be done so lives can be spared.

Hayword suggests moving the gators, but South Carolina Department of Natural Resources wants to know where they would they be moved to.

The department said it's not unusual for a gator to crawl onto a boardwalk, but the chances of that happening are slim.

The town council will discuss the gators and the Cypress Wetlands at their next council meeting.

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