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Tim's Take: Baldness and heart disease

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Apparently, you can look into a man's heart through his head. And to tell the truth, I don't like it one bit.

A recent study suggests bald men, as if we don't have it bad enough, are at a higher risk of developing heart disease than guys with hair, which just seems like piling on.

So me and my bald brethren are not buying it.

"If I don't want to wear hair, I don't wear hair,'' said Jimmy Dickson, of Columbia, SC. "I don't think it has any medical relevancy to what I am or who I am.''

"I don't believe it,'' added Albert Hernandez, of Fort Mills, SC. "Not unless baldness is linked to high cholesterol or high blood pressure or anything like that.''

"I'm not alarmed,'' said Dr. Randy Bottner, of Savannah Cardiology. "And if anybody would be alarmed, it would be a cardiologist who's bald.''

But Dr. Bottner says the two could be linked through higher levels of a testosterone that restricts blood flood to follicles, if it also restricts blood flow to the heart.

"It's what makes men men and some of us have a high level of dihydrogen testosterone,'' he says, adding with a laugh, "obviously it makes us extremely manly.''

Dr. Bottner says the study might give bald men a reason to pay more attention to good heart health through losing weight if necessary and exercising. Now, if there was only something to do about this other little problem we have.

"Well, I've found that this works really well, if you put one of these on,'' said Dr. Bottner, as he put on a wig. "The only problem is I can't wear it at home because my dogs think I have a squirrel on my head.''

And that would be worse than baldness or heart disease.

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