Editorial - 4/8/13

The fault, dear Brutus, is not yet in sequester, but in our escalating taxation.  The March employment numbers are out, and they stink.  Not-so, stammer the Magna-Coma grads of the Houdini College of Statistical-Vapor. The  rate just went-down, one-tenth-of-point, to 7.6%.  True, and while it would be swell if that meant more people got jobs, it doesn't.  The number dropped  because still more Americans stopped looking for work, 663,000 more, in fact. Out from behind the Central Government's fog-machines, the actual unemployment figure remains at or above 15%, when the drop-outs, and those forced into part-time work are counted, as they should be.  Realizing, of course, that an honest number, rather than fib-rication, would be politically-incorrect.

Currently, 90-million Americans are no longer looking for work.  Making our labor-force participation-rate the lowest since 1979.  Also in March, 385,000 more folks filed new unemployment-claims, while the number of people living in fed-defined poverty, reached 50-million, a number last seen in the 1960's.  All categories mentioned, along with, now-bankrupt  Stockton, California, will likely seek federal money, from a nation that itself, is being policy-driven toward bankruptcy.  Unbelievable that the Administration, Congress, and America's voters, could let this happen, but thanks, primarily, to a sleep-walking citizenry, it has!  And what is D.C. doing to rescue a nation sliding off its fiscal and moral foundation?  The Federal Reserve continues to print $85-billion-a-month to buy bonds from itself, and the Administration, along with higher taxes, just proposed a $100-million brain study.  Nice idea; wrong time, wrong message. Irrespective, the research will not be done in D.C., since it lacks sufficient subjects with cranial- matter in working-order.