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Extremely high pollen count measured again Tuesday

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Allergy sufferers can expect to be miserable again Tuesday. Metro Atlanta's pollen count is expected to remain extremely high.

According to the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic, Tuesday's pollen count (which technically measured Monday's pollen) was 2,607 particles of pollen per cubic meters of air. Monday's pollen count was to 2,093, after jumping to 1,691 Sunday from 54 Saturday.

Experts predict this will be the one of the worst allergy seasons on record.

The biggest contributors of the high pollen count right now are oak, birch, sweetgum and pine trees. Grass and weeds measured very low.

"The warmer, dry weather is optimal for plants to release their pollen," said Dr. Stanley Fineman of the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic. "The trees have been waiting for these ideal conditions for weeks. For patients, that could mean a significant increase in symptoms."

High school senior Alex Sewall spent the first day of his spring break at the doctor's office for his allergies.

"I'm sneezing I'm really congested," Sewall said.

Sewall loves the outdoors, but when pollen levels in Atlanta shot up over the weekend, the Lassiter High School senior knew he was in trouble.

"When I hear it's going to be the worst allergy season on record, I just want to stay inside all day," Sewall said.

Dr. Fineman said that people with allergies should avoid the pollen if possible. He suggests that patients be tested to find out exactly what they're allergic to.

"When that particular pollen is in the air, that's when they need to take precautions," Dr. Fineman said.

Monday's pollen count is the highest on record so far this year.

Last year's highest pollen count was 9,367 recorded March 20.

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