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Statesboro friends enjoy Luke Bryan's fame


Academy of Country Music Awards may have announced Luke Bryan as Entertainer of the Year in Las Vegas but the pride could be felt all the way back in Statesboro. Bryan's early career began while he finished his college degree at Georgia Southern University.

On Monday, friends from Luke's college days still beamed with pride. They recalled how he had the dream from the beginning.

"I think we were both Sigma Chi pledges when he played his first shows," recalled fraternity brother Joe Lanier, who now owns Loco's Pub in Statesboro. "He'd play at the fraternity house and then at Legends. In fact, he had an early show in Valdosta and we loaded up all the pledges and went to see him play."

Will Britt and his brother owned Legends.

"Jeff Yawn approached my brother and I and told us about a Sigma Chi guy that we needed to hear," Britt explained. 

Britt said friends back then helped Bryan produce his early CD's and gave them to anyone who attended those club sets. Both men agree Luke had that "something" that's brought him to the top of country music.

"He's an entertainer. He's a performer. He knows he can get on stage and sing his heart out for four hours a night and do it 180 nights a year." Britt noted. "Everybody loves him. He's got 12 year old girls screaming for him. He's got people older than me saying 'he's such a nice boy'. He's got that appeal."

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