InSITE--High Flying Surfing!

Do you love to travel? Enjoy the romance of the skies stuff? Since summer is almost over, you may have to get your fix on line for a while. Something pretty amazing if you're into airplanes, or just some very cool pictures. It's Airliners Net, a real fan site for flying. Tons of information about everything in the air. Lots of discussion groups where you can read and learn and even ask questions of other plane buffs.

This section is great. Lists just about every kind of aircraft flying, from A, the AASI Jetcruiser to Z, the Zin 143. Hundreds of planes and helicopters. Of particular interest, the home town favorite... Gulfstream Aerospace G-5. Take a good look, since this may be the only chance you get, unless you own one or help make them.

How about some before and after? this is what the inside of a g-five looks like before you get to put in all the cool, expensive stuff. Here's the after shot. Not exactly the cramped, crowded cheap seats most of us are used to.

I found a great view of Savannah International, that you're not likely to see unless you fly yourself, or break a few rules. And another that shows something I've never heard of. Savannah Airlines. It's a 727 photographed in Belgrade, Yugoslavia last year. They have several shots of the planes in several places around Europe, but I'm not exactly sure where to check the routes or buy tickets.