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InSITE-Amazing Images In the Air

Airliners Network is huge, the front page is enough to keep you clicking for hours, and that's before you get to the really cool stuff. How about pictures of planes from other planes? It's a view you don't get to see too often. The planes in the sky from other planes. Sort them by most popular, and right at the top is a very cool shot of a cargo jet over the clouds and leaving behind some massive contrails. Condensation trails. How about a collection of old airplanes? The kind you just don't see in the air or on the ground, or in some cases, on the water anymore? Check this one. A flying boat, on a giant scale, photographed in the Netherlands in the 1930's. While we're looking at the strange stuff, they don't stop at airplanes or even helicopters. Check out the blimps, dirigibles and hot air balloons .

No bull, this is a hot air balloon, flying over the Swiss Alps. Advertising milk, of course. My favorite part of the site is the just plain strange photos. If you're a white- knuckle flyer, this might not be for you. But otherwise, click on. Check this out. The plane was actually in flight when this happened. What happened? A stork didn't file a flight plan or check the radar. The plane landed safely, the stork didn't. There are some really amazing takeoffs... like this one. The tail of the plane should never touch the ground on takeoff. Neither should the engine on landing. And this gem from someone's Caribbean vacation. It's a real photo, not retouched at all. Here's another view of the exact same plane from another angle.

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