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Corporation pleads guilty to pill mill charge


On April 11, Nuvest, LLC, a Florida corporation, pleaded guilty to maintaining a drug-involved clinic known as East Health Center in Garden City.

Nuvest, LLC, which provided the funds to launch and operate the clinic, admitted that the clinic was opened for the purpose of dispensing oxycodone, hydrocodone, and other drugs without legitimate medical purpose. East Health Center operated in Garden City from February through May of 2011.

"Pill mills are opened for the sole purpose of  profiting from the unlawful dispensation of powerful, addictive, and often dangerous drugs.  These drugs are abused by either the patients visiting the clinics or end up being unlawfully sold to others.  An important goal in all of our law enforcement efforts is to deprive violators of their ill-gotten gains. I am confident that this prosecution sends a clear and unmistakable message that the United States intends to pursue the forfeiture of unlawful drug proceeds with great vigor," United States Attorney Edward Tarver said in a news release.

The corporation has agreed to forfeit the sum of $2 million as part of the plea agreement. This money represents proceeds obtained as a result of the violation.

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