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Orange Crush 2013 held on Tybee

Tybee Island has weathered another Orange Crush, and the teens and 20-somethings who attended the ad hoc gathering say it didn't dissapoint.
The beach party wasn't exactly what out-of-towners were expecting. They said they thought the party would be more organized, with a DJ. But the City Council refused issue a permit for the celebration, and a county permit was revoked after organizers failed to pay the fee.
An Atlanta woman who gave only her first name, Destiny, was buried up to her neck in sand. Absent organized activities, she and her friends said they made their own fun.

"We're creating our own spring break-ish for Orange Crush," she said.
After the party, the beach was littered. Tybee locals and police picked up the trash. Sunday, Savannah State University students are cleaning up the beach.
"A lot of events have negative stigmas," Savannah State student Robert Conyers said. "But really, people just come out here to have fun. You know we come out here to have fun. The beach gets messed up a little bit but every year we participate in the community service the next day of cleaning up Tybee Island."
More than 30 arrests were made during this year's Orange Crush, mostly marijana possession. The drug was smoked openly across Orange Crush.
"We actually made some marijana arrests and we had some people out there who maybe weren't as obvious who made several arrests as well," Tybee Lt. Tim McMillan said.
A WTOC reporter watched police chase down a man who reportedly had a gun on the pier and arrest a man who they said had enough small bags of marijana to be charged with a felony. On Tybee's pier, the smell of pot was thick. An undercover officer said he caught one man walking down the street smoking it.
Saturday night, an after-party was scheduled at the Savannah nightclub Frozen Paradise. There's talk of a second Orange Crush on April 20.

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