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Editorial - 4/15/13

The just-released Administration budget centers around the word "balance."  Not balance, as in budget. But rather balancing one-trillion-dollars in added political-spending, with one-trillion in new taxes, hammering, again, America's most successful, job-creating, charity-supporting citizens.  Recalling, of course, that 50% of working Americans now supply the tax-revenue required to support the rest.  If we're serious about economic growth, which we aren't, along with removing waste, we'd need to balance cuts from false "entitlements," with cuts in business and individual taxation.

The fictional-notion of entitlement.  This isn't about core Social Security or Medicare.  Both are genuine entitlements.  Earned benefits, actually, resulting from individual and employer payments.  Although the Administration feels otherwise, these two support-pillars for seniors must remain fully-funded.  One suggestion is to eliminate abundant food stamp and disability abuse.  America's true entitlements are freedom, opportunity, and justice.  Welfare variants aren't entitlements, they're hand-outs. Now, let's be clear. This is not about cutting funds for responsible Americans, now living in poverty, or those now unable to work due to provable mental or physical impairments.  Instead, we're talking about the able-bodied who increasingly see fed-dollars, not as temporary assistance, but rather as a   permanent, hand-out lifestyle. At 48-million food stamp recipients, and nearly 9-million on disability, abuse is known, but untreated, because hand-outs buy votes. With stricter standards and screening, and much more required of recipients, those numbers would tumble, yielding funding for earned-benefits.  As the late Margaret Thatcher once noted:  "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."  Without significant re-balancing in D.C., that's exactly where we're headed!

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