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Controversial billboard aimed at illegal immigrants goes up


A billboard that suggests illegal immigrants find work in South Carolina has popped up along a busy road in Cherokee County.

The billboard reads: "South Carolina Welcomes the Undocumented."

The sign goes on to say that South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has said that his state has "a labor shortage and wants more immigrants."

Graham sits on a bi-partisan U.S. Senate committee that just passed a sweeping immigration reform bill early Wednesday morning.

"These people must have been off the planet for the last five years," said D.A. King, an immigration activist who paid for the billboard. "We don't need more workers. We need more jobs."

King opposes the immigration bill that he said will, in essence, make it easier for illegal immigrants to get jobs and take them from American workers.

"I think unemployed Georgians are already kicking and screaming," King told CBS Atlanta News. "If you want an answer go to the unemployment office and ask someone in line if they think adding 20 million more workers to the American workforce in the next several years is a good idea."

At the Cobb-Cherokee Department of Labor office, most did not want to comment on immigration but did say they were desperate for work.

"With less income coming in, I have two kids to take care of, a husband and a household so it'll be a struggle," said Tangela Roach, who recently lost the second part-time job she held.

Others agreed they need work to survive.

"I'm very concerned," said Brooke Daugherty. "I'm a single parent. I'm very concerned to find a job immediately."

King said he wants the billboard to call attention to immigration reform and how it could have a sweeping impact.

"Most of us want our borders enforced, our laws enforced and our jobs back," said King.

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