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Editorial - 4/18/13

While not as numerically-catastrophic as September 11th, a new, graphic, terrorism-date will be riveted in our minds, when we fervently-hoped there wouldn't be another.  The afternoon calm of April 15, marathon day in Boston, was shattered by two blasts near the finish line, their explosive-fury causing serious injury to over 170 on-lookers, some so gruesome that limbs were lost in an instant, or later, as a surgical imperative.  Three individuals perished at the scene, savagely-killed where they stood.  Among them, an 8-year old boy waiting for his Dad at that finish line.  But the horror for that family, that Dad, didn't end there.  Standing with their children, his wife suffered a severe brain injury, and their 6-year-old daughter lost a leg. With a least a dozen people still in critical condition, the ultimate death toll could still rise.  May this not be another Benghazi, quickly promising to bring the  killers to justice, only to become vapor, over-ridden by political butt-covering.  Those who murdered and maimed, that awful day in Boston, must be found, with retribution severe and swift.

While some libs shamelessly-credited Big Government for the amazing after-blast, reaction-in-force, if there can be any positive within that shocking scene of carnage, it was the immediate actions and skills of police, medical first-responders, and ordinary citizens, the latter especially, instinctively moved to offer aid and compassion to those in need.  In this sad era, as we see our freedoms and traditions fade, and the very character of our people, purposely being eroded, it was gratifying to see displayed, yet again,  that ever-present core of American goodness, heroically-rising, and shining brightly, amidst the mayhem of despair and pain. 

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