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Money Wise--Highlight Help

Have you ever gotten a haircut and it wasn't what you wanted? It makes you want to hide for a week or two. And when coloring goes wrong, you've wasted a lot of money. Here are some tips on doing your hair the inexpensive way without getting clipped.

You might be interested in Clairol's at-home do-it-yourself kit, Herbal Essence Highlights. "The kit comes with a new comb that has a deeper well so you can fill the comb with formula," explained Karen Rauen, chemistry director at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Good Housekeeping recruited some volunteers to try out the product and also tested it on hair swatches. "Our testers found the product easy to use and they loved the color guide formula," Rauen said.

The product seemed to work best on those with longer, wavy hair. "It enables people with longer hair to highlight their hair without have to stop and refill the comb."

Consumers should also follow the manufacturer's guidelines, paying particular attention to how long it's left on. "We found that people who had previously highlighted their hair had an easier time using these kits."

After the process, your hair might look great. But what about your skin? For many, stains are the messiest part of the hair-dying process. Tweezerman has come up with a product called Stain Gone.

Hair dye was applied to a tester's arm, and after it was removed with Stain Gone, tester Linda reported, "It worked quite well and I would recommend it."

And Stain Gone is not only for the skin. It can remove dye from clothing and countertops, too, keeping the highlights where they belong.

And another plus with the Clairol highlighting kit: testers said the directions were very easy to follow. 

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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