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Beaufort city parks could face new regulations


In an effort to keep the Beaufort's parks clean, council members are thinking about implementing a list of new rules to make sure folks pick up their trash. 

One of the new rules the city is looking into is making folks register and pay a deposit to use some of the park. They are also thinking about imposing a cooking, smoking, open burning and balloon ban in each of the parks. 

"In any situation you have with the city, it's sort of a two edged sward. We have the benefit of having great civic spaces and in the same sense of having those great civic spaces, people want to use them. We have larger groups who wants to use those parks and so forth, it's just an idea of trying to get a little more of a handle on what kind of usage we have going in to specific parks," said council member Mike McFee. 

Council said there will be some adjustments made to the proposed regulations, and a vote could be made during on their meetings next month. 

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