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Savannah Alderman wants multi-lingual traffic signs

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Tom Bordeaux Tom Bordeaux

"Arreret." "Alto." "Tshitopo." "Jama." "Pare."

If one Savannah City Councilman has his way, Hostess city residents will have lots of ways to say, "Stop."

At-large Alderman Tom Bordeaux wants to see Savannah's traffic signs translated into multiple languages to encourage tourism.

"We want to do everything we can to encourage visitors from anywhere in the world, and we want to make them feel welcome, and it only makes sense to put these signs in their language," he said in an interview.

Bordeaux brought up the idea at Thursday's City Council meeting, and it's one city staff is exploring. Those signs could be replaced through attrition, Bordeaux said, a new, multi-language sign going up when an old one needs to be replaced.

According to the alderman, every tongue is on the table. The idea would be to study the home languages of people who most often visit the city, then translate signs into those languages.

For the "Hostess City," Bordeaux thinks the change would only be natural.

"The sign really says, 'Welcome, we are open for business in Savannah.'"

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