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Marine Honored with Bronze Star

Maj. John Vincent fought in Iraq, and led his Marines through a very tight spot. Today, on Parris Island, there was recognition for Maj. Vincent's efforts. They're awarding him the Bronze Star.

In the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Maj. Vincent's Marines desperately needed food, fuel, ammunition and water. Maj. Vincent came up with a plan to get them what they needed.

"We knew Marines were up there and needed stuff," he recalled. "It was our job to get it there. We probably could have sat there a few more days and said it wasn't safe, but you know when you've got guys up there--and some of them were my friends, guys I served with--they were counting on us to get them what we needed. So we needed to get up there."

Maj. Vincent's getting the medal, but credits the 750 Marines in the convoy with implementing his plan and making the mission a success.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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