Hometown Hero--Jim Lantz

Jim Lantz
Jim Lantz

Residents of north Bryan County are blessed to have among them Jim Lantz, an individual who gives so much of himself to the community. The Seasoned Saints of First Baptist Church meet here every month. It's one of the many organizations that Lantz belongs to. He's also serves as a board member of several community and professional groups.

"He's a tremendous asset to the church and the community," Talmadge Glisson, president of the Seasoned Saints. "He's done the stained glass windows in the church and he helped found the North Bryan County Food Bank."

Lantz's stained glass windows and tiffany lamps can be seen at several Bryan County churches. He also donated a stained glass window to Bryan County High School.

"I think it's a God-given talent," Lantz said. "He's developed me with it and I enjoy doing it and I like to do it for the church."

Lantz's other passion is feeding the needy. Ten years ago, he founded the North Bryan County Coalition of Churches Food Bank. "We began, the first time we served people here was in 1994 in February," he recalled. "I think 15 people came. Now we are doing 170 families every two weeks."

If you ask just about anybody in Bryan County, they'll tell you the same story about Jim Lantz.

"He's very active in the church and he has a lot of talent that he shares with other folks," said Seasoned Saint Lewell Turner. "Very unselfish person that gives of himself each day and he just means a lot to our community and he's truly our hometown hero."

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com