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Runners already preparing for next year's Boston Marathon

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It was Olympic Gold medalist, Frank Shorter, who said, "all we can do is run."

And during a time like this, those words mean the most to all runners all over the country.  

The immages from this year's marathon in Boston will forever live in the minds of many Americans, especially those who were there. 

But, many said they refuse to let this tragedy taint a sport they love. 

"I guess I kind of feel that way. You kind of have to embrace it even more. It's who we are and what we do," said Boston Marathon runner, Betsy Strickland. 

Strickland and her friend Donna Garske were a few feet away from where the bombs exploded. Their husbands were literally standing right in the middle of both bombs.  As you can imagine, this has been a very intense week for both women and their families. No one would fault her for wanting to take a break from a the sport. 

"I guess it does cross your mind a little bit, or maybe you just feel some kind of sadness like maybe you want to stop," said Strickland.

But Strickland isn't stopping, in fact, she and Garske are already thinking about the possibility of participating in next year's marathon, and so many others are as well.

"My friends are turning 40. There's actually 7 of us that qualify, the last one qualified in Marsh, so we have already had plans to go. It has not crossed our minds that we will not be there next year," said runner, Ale Kennedy. 

Kennedy is hoping next year's marathon draws an even bigger crowd to show that bombings didn't taint Boston or its beloved marathon. 

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